We work with over 40 gemstones

Raw stones for making our exquisite range comes from across the globe. Lapis comes from Afghanistan, Red Jasper from India, Amethyst from Uruguay, Tiger Eye & Malachite from Africa, Blue Agate from Brazil & Petrified Wood from Indonesia.

Haute Arte is a lifestyle company that produces functionally elegant and accessibly luxurious consumer products.  We stop at nothing to design, develop, and manufacture lifestyle products that sparkle and resonate and transform ordinary experiences into extraordinary moments.  Where lifestyle meets innovation and progressive brands thrive, you will find the perfect partner and collaborator in Haute Arte.  We are not “vendors,” but rather product innovation partners that make your visions come to life.  Design, value, and quality are in our DNA.


We are Haute Arte.  We are transformational, evolutionary, and revolutionary.  We are jewelry for your walls, floors, fixtures, furnishings, and just about everywhere else. The possibilities are endless. If this excited you, lets talk!

Chick Minimalist Side Table with Metal Base

This fine-looking side table is a versatile finest piece of work; use it as an outdoor plant stand or inside decor stand. Amethyst is the semi-precious stone which directly controls the effect of planet Saturn. Amethyst is well known for its many planetary and health benefits. 

Single Slice Accent Table with Golden Edges

Amethyst side table is a versatile item which is also used as decoration possesses very powerful positive energies. Accomplish your dreams with the help of Amethyst gemstone which imparts you mental stability & positive energy.

Elegant Wash Basin 

Basin is one of the most used amongst all sanitary wares. With the unique designs it’s bound to capture the attention of everyone using it. It creates an unforgettable aura in the house and in the minds of people. 

Super Luxury Bath Tub 

An exclusive bathtub made up of semi-precious stone amethyst. Its celestial purple blue color signifies royalty and honor. Amethyst  has enormous benefits related to health, emotions, planets, chakras and general benefits. 

Sure to Impress Table Lamp

This semi-precious stone lamp will surely take your modern home decor to a next level. Lamp symbolises energy and thus spreads positivity in the house, adding to the beauty of the house.

Simple and Elegant Wall Mirror

Mirrors reflect the beauty within. Start your morning by smiling in the mirror and follow it religiously to see a positive change in your life. Amethyst mirror will energizes chakras and gives a boost to willpower.

Must have Gifts and Barware

Amethyst is a very powerful & protective stone hence using this rare unique gemstone as Napkin rings, bottle openers, coasters & bottle stoppers augment beauty of your table and also jazz up your mood as well.

One of a Kind Carvings and Sculptures

This beautiful hand carved gemstone Buddha Head sculpture can be used to get that calm & settled feeling. This hand carved collection as a decor collectible gives a subtle sign of your elite taste.

Interno, a collection of high quality gemstone surfaces. wall and floor tiles and murals. Choose from agate, quartz, amethyst and over 30+ semi-precious gemstones in various colors. The Intro Collection offers a stylish yet affordable product range, covering both traditional and contemporary design styles.

A collection of lifestyle accent furniture & home decor

A collection of decorative plumbing for kitchen & bath

A collection of elegant lamps & lighting

A collection of exotic gifts & accessories

A collection of very rare & unique one of a kind  pieces 

A collection of collectable crystals & carvings

A collection of things your innovate & design in collaboration with us.